Three Things You Can Do Down the Jersey Shore during the Winter Months?

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Earlier this month, we discussed why you should consider choosing Atlantic City for the holidays and how to find the perfect vacation rental for your family. Now, we wanted to talk about another issue that our agents hear about often: what are some things to do in winter. Yes, Atlantic City, Ventnor, Brigantine, and other spots down the Jersey Shore are booming in the summer months. Even during the holidays, there are plenty of events and gatherings to keep people busy. But what happens after the holidays when the weather gets colder, the days get shorter, and there’s still a few months left of winter?


Whether you’re thinking about renting a vacation month in the off-season or buying a home to live in year-round, we wanted to take a second and discuss things you can do down the Jersey Shore in winter. Some residents actually enjoy winter down the shore more because it’s peaceful. There is not nearly the amount of tourists there are in the summer months, so they enjoy the tranquil time by the ocean and the lax atmosphere that is inherent with shore living. However, if you do want to go out with friends and family, there are plenty of options available too.


Taste a Craft Beer at a Tap House or Brewery: New Jersey is only in the beginning stages of its craft revolution, but there are many breweries and pubs popping up. Three are several great spots down the Jersey Shore, including multiple brewpubs and tap houses that are open year-round. If you’re a craft beer lover or want to learn how to become one, the Jersey Shore is the place to be.


Enjoy World-Class Entertainment and Food at One of Atlantic City’s Casinos: Whether you’re looking to gamble, catch a comedian or music act, or enjoy a good meal from some of the best chefs in the world, Atlantic City is the place to be. The casinos do not hibernate for the winter, and there are things to do no matter your interests.


Go Shopping at the Playground Pier: If you love to shop, Atlantic City has you covered. The Playground Pier includes shops from some of the most popular high-end designers out there, including Gucci and Burberry. However, many of the smaller shops in Atlantic City and other shore towns are open all-year round as well.


Whether you’re looking at Jersey Shore homes for sale or just thinking about a week rental right now, we just wanted you to know that the Jersey Shore is a fun place to be every day of the year.



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