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Looking to Sell? Boost Your Home’s Appeal With These Simple Décor Tips

When the decision is made to put a home up for sale, homeowners typically have to decide whether or not putting money into home renovations will eventually lead to the best return on investment. Our experts often instruct our clients to consider strategic décor upgrades that will make a home more appealing to the market without breaking their budget. Today, we will address a few of the best décor tips and tricks that will help any home garner the attention of the buying market.

Maximize A Home’s Curb Appeal

Every home only has one opportunity to make a first impression. Beauty is in the details, so homeowners should ensure the lawn is freshly mowed, the flower beds are complete and the front door has a fresh coat of paint. If an open house is held, do your best to keep the porch or front step swept and clean. Also, many older homes will have the same door handle for years, an upgraded door handle can be an affordable way to make a strong first impression.

Consider What Needs Paint

Every homeowner has their unique stylistic tastes. These tastes can lead to a bold wallpaper selection or a favorite color paint in a child’s bedroom. When looking to appeal to as many buyers as possible, it can be better to ensure the walls are painted a more neutral color. Neutral or white colors will give a home a brightness that is appealing to buyers. Once a home is freshly painted, keep the walls clear of clutter and allow the buyers to use their imagination.

Pack It Up

When people live in a home, they accumulate clutter. Whether it be papers from work or an abundance of dolls for the kids to play with, buyers can be easily distracted by clutter. Our experts suggest packing away miscellaneous items and storing personal items until a sale is complete. While clearing off shelves and taking down family pictures can be an emotional experience, it can lead to a faster sales process.

Make Small Bedroom Upgrades

Bedrooms are often one of the biggest selling points for a home. Besides ensuring that a bed is made, sellers can make their bedroom more appealing to buyers by utilizing neutral bedding and draping a throw blanket over the bed. Nightstands should be clean and organized, and a great-smelling candle cannot hurt. Whenever a bedroom is being shown, revert back to thinking of comfort. The more comfortable the bedroom looks, the more appealing it will be to buyers.

Use Mirrors to Make a Space Appear Larger

Designers have been utilizing the mirror trick for decades. Living areas that don’t feature large windows or exceptionally high ceilings can strategically place a mirror on the wall to give the impression of more space. If the mirror can reflect the natural light coming in from a window, that’s even better.

Prioritize The Finishing Touches

Final touches include things like ensuring all the carpets in the home are deeply cleaned before the house is shown or running out and bringing in some flowers to display. Go around the house and collect any items that may be deemed controversial. This really speaks to the removal of old political campaign stickers or fridge magnets. By taking the time to inspect the small details of a home, it can end up paying significant dividends come closing day.

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