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Getting Your Jersey Shore Rental Ready for Summer

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Can you believe that summer is here already? It seems like only yesterday we were talking about nor’easters and winterizing your home. Whether you’re interested in the nightlife in Atlantic City or the tranquil beaches of Brigantine, summer down the Jersey Shore is a special time of year. Each year, millions of people visit the Jersey Shore, and many will choose to book a week or weekend at one of the many Jersey Shore rentals available.


If you invested in Brigantine or Margate NJ real estate and are the owner of a vacation rental, you have probably already filled up most of the dates for the season already. Now that the booking is done, it’s time to get the rental in proper shape to accommodate your tenants. If the rental is dirty or needs repairs, this will reflect negatively on you and may hinder your income for future seasons. Luckily, most of the work can be quick and easy. Here’s a quick list of things you can do to make your rental ready for summer:


Inspect Your Air Conditioning Unit: Yes, if you are down the shore, you will benefit from those coastal winds. But it can get pretty hot in Atlantic City and other shore towns, which is why you should have your AC united tested if you haven’t done so already. Many times, a major issue can be prevented with a minor fix.


Hire a Professional Cleaning Service: Before you begin renting out your property to people, a major cleaning is a must. While you can clean it yourself if you so choose, it often makes more sense to spend the money and hire a professional cleaning service that can provide the deep cleaning needed. Contact a few in your area to find the best quote.


Make the Rental a Functional Home: While you don’t need to keep family pictures or personal items around, the rental should still look like a home. Make sure the rental is fully furnished and has all of the amenities necessary to enjoy oneself while down the Shore. Also, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to update your linens and kitchen items if you notice they’re worn down or getting older.


If you would like more information, we would encourage you to check out this article published in NJ Monthly last month that goes over what vacationers should look for when choosing a rental. It may give you an idea of how you can present your property to meet your tenants’ needs. And if you are looking for a rental, we encourage you to check out all of our vacation rental listings here.

What Are the Best Jersey Shore Towns to Purchase a Home?

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Imagine waking up to sun rays reflecting through your bedroom bay window. You can hear the ocean’s waves gently hitting against the beach, welcoming you to another morning down the Jersey Shore. Sounds like the perfect way to start the day, right? If you are considering purchasing a home at one of the many amazing Jersey Shore towns out there, this could be a reality.  Many people have made the decision to live down the Jersey Shore and few if any would say they have regretted it. The Jersey Shore is a gorgeous coastal haven for year-round or seasonal living.


Now that it is spring time, the market is moving fast. Prospective homeowners are shopping around, trying to find stunning homes in their favorite Jersey Shore towns. If you are looking at homes, you might be wondering which Jersey Shore town is right for you. While each will have their own personality, attractions, and quirks, we wanted to take a second and spotlight our favorites. Who knows, maybe the Jersey Shore home of your dreams is up for sale right now in one of these towns below:


Atlantic City Real Estate: Everyone knows Atlantic City as a resort town with its luxurious casino hotels and iconic boardwalk. Millions of people come to Atlantic City each year to try their luck on the tables, eat at its many fine restaurants, shop the outlets, walk the boardwalk, lay on the beach, and more. Atlantic City has many residential parts as well, and nearly 40,000 people call Atlantic City home. Atlantic City is experiencing a boom as the Hard Rock Casino and Ocean Resort Casino are set to open this summer, creating many new career and real estate opportunities.


Ventnor Real Estate: If you want to be close by to Atlantic City and other shore towns and are looking for a family-friendly, walkable area to live, Ventnor may be the Jersey Shore town for you. Ventnor has its own boardwalk, beautiful beaches, and year-round attractions. We would also highly encourage you to check out the local shops and fine restaurants on Ventnor Avenue for a fun day/night out with family and friends. In case you’re a Monopoly enthusiast, Marvin Gardens is located in Ventnor too.


Margate Real Estate: Margate is a small residential community that is world-famous for its beaches and marinas. The beaches are very clean, and the neighborhood is very safe and community-oriented – perfect for raising a family. Margate is also right next door to Ocean City, and there are many small shops and restaurants in Margate as well. If you’re looking for a quaint Jersey Shore town that is close by to a variety of attractions and sites, Margate is an excellent place to call home.


Longport Real Estate: Located just north of Ocean City, Longport is a small borough in Atlantic County with stunning homes and landscapes. If you’re looking for a quiet place to call home and enjoy the spectacular view of the ocean, Longport won’t disappoint you. We suggest if you come here for a visit or to stay, you should take your bike out to Longport Beach to enjoy the ocean waves in solitude.


Brigantine Real Estate: Brigantine was named one of the “12 great charming beach towns in New Jersey” by Essex Home Improvements for good reason. At Brigantine, you can see the history of the town – some of which stems all of the way back to the 1500s. There a variety of museums, historical sites, and, of course, the Brigantine Lighthouse. However, Brigantine is more than a historical destination as it offers modern family attractions, beautiful shops, and, of course, a great view of the Atlantic Ocean.



Tips for Working with a Real Estate Listing Agent

Home For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of Beautiful New House.


Are you getting ready to sell your home down the shore? If so, your best bet is to find a quality real estate agent with knowledge of the Jersey Shore real estate market.  A listing agent is in charge of many things that can make or break a sale.  Those responsibilities include the following:


  • Working with the seller to determine a listing price based on the condition of the home, the market, and various other factors.
  • Attending all pitch sessions to help the client sort through and understand various bids.
  • Hiring photographers and home stagers to make the home as photogenic as possible.
  • Creating a listing with quality images and engaging copy.
  • Networking with other agents and putting the home on the multiple listing service.


Given all of these responsibilities, finding the best listing agent is crucial to ensuring your expectations are met. That’s why it’s important to hire an agent who has experience working on the listing side of things and understands the New Jersey Shore real estate market.


In order to achieve this, you’ll want to set your expectations with your agent right away to make sure they are comfortable with your goals. Any prospective listing agent will be able to tell you how comfortable they are with your expectations, how they plan on getting your home sold, and whether or not your expectations are fair and reflect the market.


It’s important to develop a transparent relationship from the get-go, so there isn’t confusion down the road. You should know that there are many things your listing agent might work on that you might not see. If you would like to know the daily minutiae, you should be up front, so the listing agent can provide you with those updates. In addition to that, you should know that you are certainly allowed to provide input on the listing, including any details you would like in the description and which pictures you like or would prefer not to include.


The thing to keep in mind is that the best way you’ll succeed in getting your home sold is developing a professional relationship with your listing agent where transparency and trust are paramount. At Soleil Sotheby’s International Realty, we have helped countless homeowners down the Jersey Shore sell their home for top market dollar. We would love to speak with you today about your home.

Tips for Choosing the Best Holiday House Rental in Atlantic City

Christmas stocking


One emerging trend that is taking the real estate industry by storm is the idea of destination holiday reunions. The holiday season is a time to come together as a family and watch favorite holiday movies, sing carols, and eat tons of cookies and other holiday snacks. Plus, there are gifts too! However, the holiday season can also be a source of stress, especially if you have a big family and you’re hosting.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, or another holiday tradition, hosting can be a big job. You could have family members coming in from all over the country, meaning you will need to find room for them, clean after them, and entertain them. If you have ever seen Christmas Vacation, you could see just how stressful hosting the family for the holidays can be. This is why many families are opting instead to rent a house for the holidays instead.

By choosing one destination where everyone can meet on the holidays, there is less pressure on the hosts to provide the ultimate holiday experience. You can choose a home that has enough room for everyone so Uncle Phil doesn’t have to sleep on a cot in the hallway.  In addition to that, you can pick a place that is easy to get to no matter where you live and has a number of holiday events scheduled to keep everyone entertained.

If you are considering a place to spend the holidays, we would highly recommend you look into Atlantic City house rentals. Atlantic City offers world-class entertainment for holiday-goers of all ages. You could catch a holiday movie on IMAX® at the Tropicana, check out the Atlantic City Boardwalk Christmas Parade, or attend a show or eat a fine meal at one of Atlantic City’s many casinos. Atlantic City is a little quieter this time of year, so it’s the perfect time to walk the boardwalk and get a view of the Atlantic Ocean. And if you want to try your luck on Christmas day, the casinos are open.

If you are looking at house rentals in Atlantic City or another shore town, please keep the following tips in mind to find the perfect one for your holiday family adventure:

  • Speak with a Local Real Estate Agent with Knowledge of the Market
  • Create Budget and Iron Out Who Is Going and Whether There Are Any Special Needs
  • Set the Dates Far in Advance So You Have More Options to Choose From
  • Read Any Available Reviews and Scrutinize Reviews Very Carefully
  • Consult Your Real Estate Agents for Any Recommendations and News

At Soleil Sotheby’s International Realty, we have amazing Atlantic City house rentals available all times of year. Contact us today to speak with an agent who can match you with the perfect vacation rental.

Are You Looking for an Affordable NJ Summer Home? Why Not Atlantic City?



As we wind down on another summer, many people who visit the Jersey Shore will have that same urge to finally do it and buy a home down the shore. That urge often will dissipate, though, when they see the price tag. At Soleil Sotheby’s International Realty, our agents want to match anyone who has a dream to live by the beach with a home or condominium that meets their needs and budget.


To that end, we wanted to point you in the direction of a recent article in that listed the most affordable beach towns to live in the United States. named Atlantic City as the most affordable beach town in the country. If you are looking for a home right on the beach that won’t break the bank, we encourage you to check out Southern New Jersey’s favorite playground.


Here are a few reasons why you may want consider looking into Atlantic City real estate:


$117,500: That is the city’s median home price. While you can certainly find million dollar homes and condominiums in Atlantic City, there are many different properties for every budget. And you can still have a great view. If you were to check our listings right now, you would find many single family homes and condominiums on the boardwalk or by the bay for $150,000 or less.


Those Low Real Estate Prices Inspire Investors as Well: Atlantic City will always have one thing going for it: the beach. People want to live by the beach and investors know that. As the prices remain low, investors will seek opportunities to renovate existing properties and build new ones as well. They are betting on the city’s comeback and you should as well.


Atlantic City Features World-Class Entertainment and Restaurants: Atlantic City is still the place to be on the East Coast if you want to gamble, take in a show, and eat at a first-rate restaurant – all in the same resort. It also has amusement parks, a thriving boardwalk, and plenty of water attractions available for tourists and resident alike.


If you’re looking for a home down the shore, Atlantic City offers a number of great properties to choose from at prices unseen in many other shore towns. At Soleil Sotheby’s International Realty, our agents can help you find a property in AC that you’ll be happy to call home. We also have a variety of Atlantic City house rentals if you would like to get a taste of what AC living is like. Contact us today at 609-487-8000 to learn more.





Is Now the Right Time to Sell Your House

House for sale


Should you put your home up for sale right now? There was a New York Times article published earlier this year that asked this same question. The article pointed out that the internet has changed the game when it comes to selling your house. In the old days of real estate, there were certain times of the year when it was best to sell and other times when you should wait. For example, listing your home for sale during the holiday season was seen as a no-no. The same was true for the end of the summer. The mindset was that people would be too busy doing other things to be concerned with buying a home.


This, however, is no longer the case as the internet has changed the way people look at homes. Let’s say, for example, that you want to look at NJ shore real estate. You can do so on your smartphone while you wait in line at the grocery store. Prospective buyers can shop for potential homes whenever they want and wherever they are, which makes the time of year much less important. The New York Times article notes that many sellers and real estate agents now believe that there is no right or wrong time of year to list your home for sale. If you want to sell your home, there is no time like the present.


What Should You Do If You Want to Sell Your Home Now?


Find a real estate agent who can provide you with a full marketing plan: You’ll want to shine your home in the best possible light. This means gorgeous photos, videos, walk-throughs, and more. Today’s buyers are more savvy than ever, which means you’ll need an agent who knows how to market your home and have it seen by many sets of eyes. At Soleil Sotheby’s International Realty, we may know an agent or two who can accomplish this.


Get the Lawn Fixed Up: Did you know that one Texas A&M survey found that green grass and other curb appeal increased sale prices by as much as 17%. If you’re looking to make a quick fix to your home that is relatively affordable, increasing the curb appeal may be the way to go.


Get a Home Inspection: Yes, it will cost you several hundreds of dollars, but it may be a good investment in the long-run. Even if you think your home looks okay, a home inspector may be able to uncover some hidden problems that you can tackle before you list your home for sale.

Enjoy Music Right on the Beach this Summer down the Jersey Shore

Guitar on the Sand Beach


What’s a better way to see a live musical act than sitting on a towel with the waves of the ocean crashing on the beach in the background? If you have never checked out Atlantic City BeachFest before, you might want to make a stop down to the Jersey Shore this summer. It’s a great time and could be part of a larger trip to the Jersey Shore to experience the beaches, casinos, boardwalk attractions, and other things that make a Jersey Shore vacation so great.


Who Will Be Playing This Year?


Are you a country music fan? Earlier this week, it was announced that Brantley Gilbert will be performing with Luke Combs on July 13th in Atlantic City for Atlantic City BeachFest. It will be a part of his “Devil Don’t Sleep Tour,” which will include 23 cities across the United States. If you are a fan of hits like “The Weekend,” “You Don’t Know Her Like I Do,” or “The Hurricane,” this is certainly a concert to check out.


And if you’re a fan of Pink, you’re in luck because she will be playing at the Atlantic City BeachFest the day before. This is a little different as organizers of Atlantic City BeachFest typically don’t schedule events so close to one another, but this was the best way to bring two high-level acts to Atlantic City. Pink will be on the beach on July 12th, and tickets to her show are on sale right now.


The organizers of the Atlantic City BeachFest have said that there will be a third act later in the summer that they will announce after Memorial Day weekend. They have indicated that it will be a hip-hop act, but they have not divulged any other information. To buy tickets, you’re encouraged to check out its website. The website also contains directions, rules for the event, and other important things you should know about Atlantic City BeachFest.


At Soleil Sotheby’s International Realty, we take pride in our Jersey Shore towns, and we are happy when people come to take in all that Atlantic City and the rest of the Jersey Shore has to offer. It’s a one-of-a-kind place, and a place we’re happy to call home. If you visit the Jersey Shore this summer for Atlantic City BeachFest or any other reason, you may fall in love with it too. If you do, we have plenty of amazing NJ shore real estate listings. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about our current listings and arrange a viewing.

Spring Activities to Do Down the Jersey Shore


Absecon Lighthouse in Atlantic City

The start of Daylight Savings may have coincided with frigid temperatures and a snowstorm, but believe it or not, spring is here. If you live down the Jersey Shore or are currently looking at Jersey Shore real estate to make a future, we wanted to provide a few activities you can do in the upcoming months by yourself, among friends, or with your entire family. As many of us already know, spring is a great time to be at the Jersey Shore.


Visit an Atlantic City Casino: No matter what the weather looks like outside, Atlantic City casinos offer a first-class experience inside. Obviously, there are a plethora of gaming options – from blackjack and roulette to slots and poker. However, gaming is only one part of the casino experience. There is the Immersion Spa at the Borgata, The Quarter at the Tropicana, comedy shows, music acts, and more.


Check Out the Absecon Lighthouse: Did you know that New Jersey’s tallest lighthouse is located right in Atlantic City? The Absecon Lighthouse stands at 171 ft., and it is open year-round. During the spring months, it is open Thursdays through Mondays from 11 AM to 4 PM, but please know that the last tour is a half hour before closing.  The lighthouse still shines every night, and once you go up the 228 steps, you can get a spectacular view of the Atlantic City skyline.


Birdwatching in Brigantine: North Brigantine Beach is home to a number of species, including gulls, diamondback terrapins, sand crabs, minnows, and more. Although every species will not be around in early spring, spring is a great opportunity to check out Nesting Piping Plovers and shorebirds native to the area. The beach has a two-story viewing platform – perfect to check out the returning birds.


These are just a few of the many things to do at the shore this time of year. We didn’t really even mention the beaches, but if the weather is warm enough, a stroll on the beaches of Atlantic City, Ventnor City, Longport, or Brigantine is a fun (and free) option as well. We are a short few months away from summer but don’t forget about spring. Although the peak crowds come during the summer, a Jersey Shore spring is always great.


And if you are thinking about moving into the area, we would love to help you find a home. Contact the realtors of Soleil Sotheby’s International Realty to learn more about homes for sale down the Jersey Shore.

Why Winter Is a Great Time to House-Hunt

A "For Sale" sign nailed to a wooden pallet on an empty snow covered lot with tall trees in the background in a winter landscape


Bears hibernate during winter, and there is a common misconception that the housing market goes into hibernation during the winter months as well. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We have amazing Jersey Shore real estate listings that our agents would love to show you. And the Jersey Shore beaches are beautiful this time of year. If you don’t mind putting on a coat as you check out the ocean, you can see a side of the beaches few people get a chance to see. Here are several more reasons why now is a great time to house-hunt down the Jersey Shore.


It’s a Good Test: Every home looks great during the spring and summer months when it’s sunny and warm outside. However, the true test for a home is when those temperatures dip and winter weather makes its presence known. You and later your home inspector may be better able to identify potential problems that might not have been spotted other times of the year. For example, you can see how the plumbing is able to cope with colder temperatures.


You Won’t Have as Much Competition: Take it for us – the best Jersey Shore homes don’t last on the market for long. If you make an offer, you’re bound to be in competition with others. It’s true that there is often less competition in the winter months, which means you may be able to avoid a bidding war and get that special home at a price that fits your budget.


You Can Be All Set to Go for Spring: Why wait until spring to shop for a home when you can be moved in by then? The first few weeks of spring are the perfect time to start a garden, landscape, and take care of other small projects leftover from the winter. By looking at homes now, you may be able to close by early spring, enabling you to personalize your home just in time for the spring and summer months.


You Will Avoid the Crowds: Shopping for a home in the spring and summer months does get a little noisier as tourists come from all over the world to experience some of the best beaches on the East Coast. If you’re looking to see homes when it’s a little quieter, now is the time to contact an agent.


We specialize in Jersey Shore real estate, and our agents are ready to take your call and help you find that perfect home for you. Contact us today to discuss what you’re looking for in a home down the Jersey Shore.

The Many Benefits of Retiring Down the Jersey Shore


Are you thinking about possible places where you want to retire? You can always count on the Jersey Shore to deliver. The Jersey Shore consists of many different amazing towns for every type of lifestyle or personality. Whether you’re looking to reside in Atlantic City, Brigantine, Ventnor, Margate, and Longport, there is no shortage of options if you decide to retire down the Jersey Shore. If you’re thinking about retiring, here are some things to think about:


Beautiful Beaches: It’s not a secret anymore. The Jersey Shore has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Did you know that Brigantine was once named the 36thBest Place to Live by NJ Monthly? It is much quieter than other parts of the Jersey Shore, and the island features a vast amount of clean beaches. Longport is to the south of Atlantic City and is a great spot for surfing and other water recreational activities. Margate and Ventnor City have many great beaches as well.


Leisure Galore: One of the best parts of retirement is the fact that you get the chance to explore any interests that you want. The Jersey Shore offers a wide variety of activities that you can partake in. Are you an avid fisherman? There are plenty of great fishing spots down the shore. Do you like to gamble, take in a show, or eat fine-dining? Take the short drive over to Atlantic City. Whatever leisure activity you wish to choose, you can find it here down the Jersey Shore.


Close Proximity: One of the most important issues for retirees is their proximity to family members and friends. Not only is the Jersey Shore a reasonable drive to Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C., and New York. It is also close to major international airports. First and foremost, Atlantic City International Airport is very close by. Philadelphia International Airport is also an hour away. If you want to visit family and friends, the Jersey Shore enables you to go wherever you need to go.


If you’re interested in looking at Jersey Shore real estate, contact our realtors at Sotheby’s International Realty today to speak with a dedicated agent who can help you find the Jersey Shore home of your dreams for retirement.