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Open Floor Plans vs. Traditional Living in Today’s World

What exactly constitutes an open concept floor plan? Open floor plans are defined by an absence of partitions between rooms in the home, most often, the living room, kitchen, and dining room. An open concept design is often seen in lofts, townhomes, and apartments but has become very popular in single-family homes. They are also quite popular along the New Jersey coast and make up a large portion of the real estate in Margate and Ventnor.

On the other hand, traditional, or conventional-type floor plans consist of individual rooms divided by walls and doorways, creating a confined space. In older homes, the kitchen was often isolated from the rest of the living quarters. This is less common in newer homes, as homeowners now enjoy sharing their cooking space with family and guests.

Open Concept Design Advantages

The primary advantage of an open floor plan is that this design creates the feel of a larger space, especially if the home does not have much square footage. By removing walls in an older, traditional home, or building an open-concept new home can add visual square footage without the expense of a larger build, or addition.

An open floor plan is a popular feature for entertaining guests. Having an unobstructed layout creates a central vantage point of congregation, allowing effortless mingling of family and friends. This also creates the look and feel of a modern, updated space.

On the downside, an open floor plan can be difficult to keep noise levels down, and can be harder to maintain a desired temperature, especially if the ceiling is vaulted. If privacy is important, it may be harder to find in an open concept space. Something else that many don’t consider is furnishings – having multiple rooms within the same space should be cohesive with furnishing colors and style.

Traditional Living Space Benefits

Atlantic County residents who enjoy this particular layout say that traditional floor plans tend to make a home feel cozier and more intimate. With defined spaces, a feel of separation is created between each room.

Conventional floor plans also convey a sense of privacy in the defined space. This has become especially beneficial after the COVID-19 pandemic, when many people have shifted to working from home. Most prefer the privacy of a separate room that can be used as a home office or study.

However, traditional floor plans can make a home feel small, cramped, and cluttered. One of the best ways to avoid clutter in a home is to decorate with a minimalistic style. Entertaining can also prove more challenging, as guests tend to spread out into various spaces. This makes it hard to maintain cohesion in conversation.

Which Layout Do Buyers Prefer

The answer is entirely up to the personal preferences of the homeowner. In a smaller home, an open floor plan can make the space feel larger without actually adding expensive square footage in lieu of an addition. In a large home, a traditional floor plan can help to create a sense of separation between different areas. Ultimately, the best way to decide which space would best suit your needs is to tour our homes and see what feels best to you.

Design Trends

When discussing these starkly different layouts it makes sense to also look at the current trends in architecture and interior design. Looking into 2023, a variety of exciting features are getting attention from home buyers in Atlantic County and beyond.

• Multiple Window Banks

Especially in kitchens, creating a space with multiple window banks allows natural light to penetrate the space, creating an open feel that brings the outside in.

• Casual, But Collected

Another design trend has decorators looking to a casual, yet sophisticated look. By choosing natural textures and colors, in paint, wallpaper, and furnishings, this style creates a refined look and feel. Incorporating raw materials, like stone, wood and glass is also trending high in casual elegance.

• Large Islands

Multi-functional kitchen islands, with seating and built-in appliances are what buyers are looking for in both open concept and conventional spaces. Integrating a cooktop, sink or microwave drawer adds convenience, and functionality to a heavily trafficked space.

• The Outdoors

Buyers are looking to utilize all available space in a home, and this includes the outdoors. Trending now more than ever is the functionality of an outdoor gathering space that feels more like an extension of the interior of the home.

Bringing the inside of the home outdoors, and vice versa creates a delightful extension of the living area. Of course, privacy may be a consideration for many, so utilizing structural pergolas, décor, and strategic planting, can create a privacy screen for the areas that need it.

Soleil Sotheby’s International Realty Discusses Popular New Jersey Beach Towns

For many American families, the annual trip to the beach is not only a time to sit back and relax but a time to bond with loved ones and create long-lasting family memories. Although the 2021 summer is drawing to an end, many American families are already planning next years’ beach vacation and deciding which town they would like to explore. Soleil Sotheby’s International Realty, one of New Jersey’s leading real estate companies, has many years of experience helping families find their perfect beach house and possesses an in-depth understanding of New Jersey’s many beach towns. Below, Soleil Sotheby’s International Realtywill share some of New Jersey’s most popular beach towns and their unique attractions. 

Margate, NJ

Margate is a charming New Jersey beach town located in Atlantic country, home to roughly 6,000 residents. While Margate is home to a small, tight-knit community, during the summer months, the town is visited by a large number of tourists and vacationing families. Within Margate lies pristine beaches, aqua parks, boardwalks, and a number of popular restaurants. Margate is the perfect town for both young families looking to settle down in a welcoming community as well as retirees looking to be within walking distance of the beach.

Local attractions: 

– Lucy the Elephant, a six-story elephant-shaped building constructed using wood and tin sheeting in 1881 by Margate City local James V. Lafferty. 

– Island Aqua Park, a floating water park near Margate’s boardwalk, is perfect for children of tall ages. 

– Steve and Cookies By the Bay, an acclaimed American restaurant, is known for its upscale dishes, live jazz music, and raw bar.

Longport, NJ

Located between Atlantic City and Ocean City, NJ, lies Longport, a quiet beach town home to roughly 1,000 full-time residents. Thanks to its optimal location, Longport is visited by thousands of beach-goers each year looking to enjoy the nearby boardwalks, beaches, and marina shops. Longport is well known for its classic beach block-style homes, wildlife parks, and “walkability,” making it the perfect location for any family’s summer beach house. 

Local attractions: 

– Catch Restaurant, a local seafood restaurant that serves fresh fish caught daily. 

– Annual Jim Whelan Open Water Festival and Island Marathon Swim. 

– Go deep-sea fishing with Moover Fishing Adventures

Brigantine, NJ 

Founded in 1890, Brigantine, often referred to as “the island,” is one of New Jersey’s largest beachfront cities. Home to nearly 10,000 New Jerseyians, Brigantine is well known for its picturesque beaches, popular golf courses, and fine dining. Previously voted one of the best places to live by New Jersey Monthly, Brigantine is a popular location for many East Coast families’ summer vacations. 

Local attractions: 

– Brigantine Farmers Market, a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. 

– Brigantine Historical Museum, discover Brigantine’s fascinating history at this small local museum. 

Lines at Brigantine Beach, one of Brigantine’s most popular golf courses. 

Tips for Buying Your First Beach House in Margate, New Jersey


For many people, their dream home sits on a pristine beach, somewhere just a short walk away from the water and with enough room to put two lawn chairs and an umbrella to read beneath. However, when buying a beach house, there are many things to consider that do not apply for homes further inland. With over 35 years of experience helping families purchase their dream homes, our knowledgeable agents know the most important considerations when buying near the water. Our goal at Soleil Sotheby’s is to find each client their dream home, so if your perfect house is beachside, please take into consideration these tips.

–         Sea Level

A home 30 ft from the water may sound like the most convenient option; however, high property taxes and flood damage may change your mind. Depending on your desired location, seasonal changes and flash floods should be taken into consideration when choosing your home.

–        Mudroom/ Outdoor Shower

An unavoidable occurrence when visiting the beach is that you take some of the beach back with you. If you are someone who doesn’t mind sand following you home, then a mud room or an outdoor shower is not a necessity. However, when it comes to cleaning a beach house you may find that these amenities make all the difference.

–        Extra Maintenance

Living by the ocean has plenty of pros, but saltwater can be a con when it comes to home maintenance. Salt water’s highly corrosive properties make repairing windows, outdoor furniture, and garden equipment a sometimes annual necessity. While you can take steps to protect your property from saltwater, this upkeep should be taken into account while viewing properties.

  • Location, Location, Location

Homes near public beaches can be a wonderful, less expensive option for those looking to save. But, if you are looking to relax with your family away from the crowds, private beaches are your best option. A good middle ground that is often overlooked, however, is the marina. Away from the crowds, less expensive than private beaches, a marina is a quiet spot for boat lovers and while keeping stunning ocean views.


Purchasing any home can be a stressful event; beach properties are not excluded from this. However, at Soleil Sotheby’s, our years of experience and specialization in beach towns such as Brigantine, Longport, and Margate, New Jersey, will give you peace of mind on your exciting journey of purchasing your dream beach house.

2018 Market Report

market report cover

In our ongoing effort to become an invaluable resource to our clients and neighbors, Soleil Sotheby’s International Realty is committed to making sure you have all the information you need to make the best decision.

The 2018 Market Report is a detailed snapshot of the real estate markets of Longport, Margate, Ventnor, Atlantic City, and Brigantine, comparing single-family home and condominium statistics as well as the year to year change. The report also highlights our recent significant sales, a few of our extraordinary listings, as well as a glimpse of Sotheby’s Auction House.

To read the full report, click here.


The Secret to Selling in a Buyer’s Market

home for sale

While listing your home in a seller’s market would be most ideal, situations like the need to relocate or downside could force you to list when buyers have the upper hand. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to take control in a buyer’s market. Though your home might not break out in a bidding war the day after it’s listed, these tips will still help you sell quickly, while getting the best return on your investment.

 Prep Your Home

Before putting your property on the market, you need whip it into shape.  In addition to cleaning your home, you need to clear out the clutter and depersonalize. The key to getting buyers interested is to make your home appeal to them. If your home is filled with junk or personal mementos, then the buyer can’t envision themselves living in the space. Store your personal belonging in storage while it’s on the market.

Also prep your home by making any small repairs and improvements. Smart improvements include painting the walls a neutral color, updating outdated knobs and hardware, and fixing that leaky faucet.  If it fits in your budget, hire a professional stager to show buyers how the can really maximize the space. Typically, staged homes sell faster than non-staged ones.

Take Good Photos

For buyers, their home search is likely beginning online. It’s important for your listing to include some great photos and even a video tour to entice buyers to come out and see it in person. Include clear photos of both the interior and exterior.

Offer to Cover Closing Costs or Repairs

Just because you’re selling in a buyer’s market doesn’t mean you have to slash the price. If you have an interested buyer who needs some financial wiggle room, offer to pay for closing costs, moving costs, or repairs. Paying for closing costs is appealing to buyers because it provides them with money they need upfront and will make them more inclined to seal the deal.

Covering the cost of moving or repairs can also help you make a sale.  Instead of doing the repairs yourself, lower your selling price to accommodate the repair that needs to be done.

Choose the Right Agent

Working with the best agent can mean the difference between selling your home and having it sit on the market. Choose an experienced real estate agent who has vast experience selling in your community.  A good agent will make sure your home is priced correctly, the right upgrades were made, and that it’s up to code.  You realtor will also oversee the negotiations to get you the best deal.

If you’re selling your home at the Jersey Shore, call on our leading Margate, NJ real estate agents to assist you: 609.487.8000.