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Jersey Shore summer rental

Jersey Shore Summer Rentals: Advice for Those Seeking the Perfect Vacation Property

With 130 miles of New Jersey Shore to pick from, vacationers go wild for the sun, sea, and sand. But for those who’ve never tried to book a rental before, finding the perfect summer spot on the coast can be quite the challenge without sufficient guidance.

NJ Shore boasts a wealth of rental options. From the luxurious to the everyday, there really is something for everybody. Discover what to look for in a summer rental below.

1 The Towns and Their Offerings

A whopping 40 towns adorn Jersey Shore, each with its own atmosphere and housing types.

Vacationers should look to learn a little about the most popular areas to make choosing their perfect Jersey Shore summer rental easier:

  • Margate – The rentals here are aimed at families. You can’t miss the iconic Lucy the Elephant attraction while you’re here. Of course, the Margate City beach is wide, beautiful, and super clean. Take in a surf lesson while you’re at it.
  • Brigantine – From sport fishing charters to scooter and wave runner rentals, there is no shortage of activities at this NJ shore hotspot.
  • Ventnor City – Long evening walks on the meticulously maintained Ventnor board walk will become a new tradition for you. The perfect way to end a day at the beach or the Ventnor fishing pier
  • Atlantic City — From spas to high-class casinos, Atlantic City has it all.
  • Longport – if you enjoy a quieter beach experience, but still want to be close to all the major attractions in nearby shore towns, then Longport might be your next destination.

2 The Agent Makes a Difference

Websites like make it easy for potential renters to find housing.

Using a real estate agent means the property owner pays the fee. Depending on the length of stay, it can save a lot of money.

3 The Contract Is Key

The contract stipulates crucial elements of the summer rental house, including cleaning, pets, parking, and more. Therefore, scrutinizing every detail is a must before signing.

Ideally, holidaymakers should look for homes that come with:

  • Wifi
  • Parking (especially if traveling with children)
  • Cleaning services
  • Towels and sheets

For those imagining beach fun with their pooch, ensure the contract explicitly states pets are allowed. Otherwise, the penalty fees can be hefty.

Jersey Shore beach house

4 The Beaches

Vacationing at New Jersey Shore isn’t as fun when the beaches are closed. Therefore, renters should look out for “beach replenishment projects.”

These schemes prevent swimmers from touching the sand at specific points, putting a dampener on holiday fun. Agents and NJ town halls’ websites list all replenishment projects for vacationers to check before signing a rental agreement.

5 The Properties and Their Luxurious Features

New Jersey’s coast takes ocean living to new heights. Many summer properties and beach houses in the area come with never-seen-before features.

While not all holidaymakers are swayed by the extravagance, many are. For those wanting an unforgettable summer, look for properties with:

  • Jacuzzi baths in the garden
  • Expansive kitchens with all the mod-cons
  • Swimming pools embedded in the patio
  • BBQs and al fresco dining spaces

Renters who follow the five tips and tricks above are bound to find their dream NJ Shore rental this summer.