Five Tips for Relocating to the Jersey Shore from a Different State




If you have fallen in love with one of the many beautiful homes in Atlantic City, Ventnor City, or Longport, you are not alone. Many people who come from New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and elsewhere in the United States and across the world love the area so much that they eventually decide to relocate. We don’t blame them. We live here too. Atlantic County down by the Jersey Shore is an amazing place to call home.


If you’re thinking about relocating to the Jersey Shore, here are a few tips to make the move as seamless as possible, so you can get right down to living the Shore Life:


Hire a Long-distance Mover:  A long distance mover can help alleviate some of the responsibilities of the move. You’ll have enough on your plate. Long-distance movers specialize in everything from coordinating the move to packing and unpacking furniture and household goods.


Create a Checklist of Services You Need to Transfer and Cancel: The best move is an organized move. From changing your address for all of your accounts to getting the utilities turned on, there’s certainly a lot to do. Write down everything you’ll need to do before you move in, so there aren’t any surprises come move-in day.


Have a Yard Sale or Donate Seldom Used Furniture or Goods: It’ll help you save money on your move. It’ll help you stay organized as you create your floor plan. And it’ll make you feel like you’re getting that fresh start.


Visit Often If You Can: Put your roots down early. Get to know the area, meet your neighbors, and get some ideas for what you’ll want to do when you make the Jersey Shore your home. Whether you’re moving in the upcoming winter months or plan on waiting until next spring, there’s a lot to get acquainted with. We hope to see you soon.


Use a Local Realtor: Whether you have already found the home you want or you’re conducting a search right now, local is always best. Soleil Sotheby’s International is local Jersey Shore realtor with two offices: our main office in Margate City and our recently opened second office in Brigantine. From our owners, Tamy and DJ Gluck, to the dozens of agents who serve the area, we know the Jersey Shore area, having built strong local connections, and know the ins-and-outs of Jersey Shore real estate. We can help you find the best home at the best price in the area. This is what we specialize in, and we welcome the opportunity to help anyone. Feel free to reach out any time to our dedicated team with any questions.

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